Questions you may be asking:

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

What forms of payment does Mountain View accept?

How can I get help choosing a payment plan for me?


Most U.S. citizens qualify for Medicare benefits if they are 65 years of age or older. Medicare does cover skilled nursing home care at participating facilities for short periods of time, usually after a hospital stay. Generally, this is only for a temporary stay for rehab purposes. Medicare does not cover regular nursing home care after rehab is no longer necessary. The daily rate at Mountain View is not covered by Medicare. Medicaid is the entity that covers the daily care rate at Mountain View for those who qualify.


Mountain View's beds are all Medicaid certified. There are two requirements that need to be met to qualify for Nursing Home Medicaid: (1) Financial Need and (2) Health Need. Your attorney or local Department of Social Services can help you figure this out. Community based Medicaid and Nursing Home Medicaid are not the same. For nursing home placement a pre-screening needs to be done by the Department of Social Services. Sometimes a client may have several months of private pay funds to begin with, then will need Medicaid. This transition is usually a simple one.

Insurance and Private Pay

 Mountain View accepts most payment sources such as Medicaid, private insurance, and of course, private pay.

Further Information and Assistance

Mountain View will gladly provide assistance with navigating the maze of payment options and issues. You may call or email Ryan Hoover for more information at: 540-948-6831 or