Charges and Payments for Services:  Mountain View has a simple charge/payment schedule. The monthly rate for a regular room is $6,400.00 or 210.41 per day. This rate is current through the year of 2017.  Fully private rooms with their own bathroom and shower are $6,700.00 per month. The monthly rate is due in advance on the first of the month. Any unused portion is returned on a prorated basis. Laundry services, personal care and incontinent care products, Alzheimer’s care, phone and Wi-Fi are all included in these rates. The main financial responsibilities apart from the monthly rate are physicians’ and pharmacy fees as needed by the resident. However, often either Medicaid or Medicare will help with such fees. A beauty shoppe is located in-house to serve our residents as desired. We believe you will find the above arrangement to be very competitive in this region and simple to navigate.